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weekend workshops

For Couples 

The 2 day Love Code relationship weekend workshop is a wonderful opportunity to explore and develop in the complex territory of relationships. We will begin to understand how the flow of love becomes blocked or diminished in your relationships and build the skills, tools and awareness to successfully navigate through these issues and find the connection back to love.

You will learn how to deepen your connection through clear and present communication, healthy conflict and relating that is less reactive and more emotionally mature. We will explore various components of relationships such as our needs and boundaries and why the awareness and skilful communication of these is so important to relationship health.

This is a wonderful opportunity to invest in your relationship, repair old wounds or resentments and bring it to a place of love, respect and mutual flourishing again.

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Love Code for All 
couples and individuals 

LOVE CODE FOR ALL is for both couples and individuals.


Relationships can be our greatest teacher - whether with intimate partners, family or friends. Love Code for all is a beautiful deep dive into the most important relationship of all - the one with yourself -and from this deep connection with self, learn to relate authentically, honestly and intimately. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your essence and explore the barriers to love so that you can come home to true connection with self and others.









Craig and Annie provide an environment that is safe, confidential and supportive. Most of us have had very little education about relationships and the sensitive wounds they can provoke. The Love Code Workshop helps decode these complexities and gives us a map and tools to have relationship fulfilment.


This is a 2 day workshop

Hours are 10am to 5pm on both the Saturday and Sunday.

Venue is non-residential

Open to people of all orientations.

Cost is $595 per person.

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